Orange Cassidy Kid Pins Cody After AEW Dynamite Tapings (Video), AEW Renames Go Position In Honor Of Dusty Rhodes

The Dusty Position

Cody Rhodes tweeted out the following before AEW Dynamite went on air, revealing the “go position” (aka the Gorilla Position) in the backstage area will now be referred to as the Dusty Position. As seen in the photo, the honor was capped off with a plaque and Dusty’s own cowbell.

Clementine Cassidy

After last night’s AEW Dynamite and Dark tapings had concluded, Cody Rhodes cut a post-match promo about AEW’s appreciation for the Philadelphia fans, and Cody thanked the trainers and crew. Cody said he was sick with a 102 fever the previous night, but there was no way he wasn’t wrestling. The Bucks joked and chant ‘thank you Cody’ for getting them sick.

Cody then invited Clementine Cassidy—aka Orange Cassidy Kid—into the ring for an impromptu match. Clementine has been spotted on AEW TV in the few couple of weeks, and it was noted that last night he was celebrating a birthday.

Cody pointed him out during his post-match speech and invited him to the ring, and called for a referee to come out because they were going to have a match. Despite MJF’s pleas not to do it, Cody laid down on the mat and let Clementine pin him. Nick Jackson then joked about this loss going on Cody’s record, and Cody joked around and said they need to Clementine a plane ticket to Baltimore, because he’s wrestling Chris Jericho. Clementine was then presented with Cody’s weight belt to end the night; check out video of the segment below: