Jeff Hardy’s Wife Calls Out Brother Matt For Public Statements, Matt And Reby Respond

Following Jeff Hardy’s most recent arrest, Matt Hardy released a statement on Twitter saying that he could only control his own actions and that he had to take care of his family. It’s the second time this year that Jeff Hardy has been arrested under similar circumstances. Still, Jeff’s wife Beth saw the statement as “BS”, tweeting about it a week later.

Kept my mouth shut for too long. Don’t take ANY info seriously from “family” when it comes to me or Jeff. “Family” quotes are BS. Family should have contacted us first before they made a statement to Twitter. Looks like they’re more worried about their online presence than Jeff.

This drew ire from Matt’s wife Reby, noting that the two households live rather close. Her full statement is provided via a screenshot, stretching far longer than the average tweet.

Later on in the replies, Matt Hardy joined in, stating that the health of his brother is much more important than wrestling.

I’ve been with Jeff since day 1, literally. I’ve been involved in a professional capacity with him for 28 years, one in which our actions effect one another. I don’t need permission to address MY brother, MY biz. Wrestling is not important now, my brother’s health is.

WWE sent WrestleZone the following message on Friday after the arrest. “Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions.” He has been out of action with a leg injury since April.

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