AEW Dynamite Results (10/16/19)

AEW Dynamite ResultsAEW Dynamite Results 

Oct 16, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for

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As SCU makes their way to the ring Pentgon Jr. and Fenix attack them on the ramp. Pentagon hits the package piledriver on Daniel on the steel rampway. Before Fenix can do the same to Kazarian, Scorpio Sky makes the save. Daniels is carted out on a stretcher. Scorpio Sky takes Daniel’s place for the next match.

AEW Tag Team Title Tournament: SCU (Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) vs. The Best Friends (Trent Barreta and Chuck Taylor)

Taylor and Barreta hit a tossing cutter for a near fall on Kazarian. Taylor and Barreta hit a stuff piledriver followed by a running knee for another near fall. Taylor rips off one of Sky’s shoes (Sky isn’t dressed in his wrestling gear). Taylor bites Sky’s foot. Taylor crushes Sky with a double foot stomp off the apron. Taylor whips Kazarian into a spear by Barreta. The Best Friends suplex Kazarian off the top. Kazarian kicks out again. Kazarian manages to tag in Sky, who clears the ring. Taylor tries a dive but lands on Barreta. Kazarian gets a near fall after a springboard leg drop on Barreta. Taylor and Barretta destroy Kazarian with a sole food/half and half suplex. The Best Friend hit the doomsday knee. Kazarian somehow manages to kick out. Barreta tries to piledrive Kazarian on the apron but Sky breaks it up. Kazarian back body drops Barreta on the apron. Sky and Kazarian hit their finisher on Barretta for the win!

Winners- SCU

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