WWE RAW Results (10/14/19)

Backstage, Seth Rollins says he knows no matter where he is drafted the Fiend will follow. Rollins says he realized that he needs to go on the offensive. Tonight Rollins is going Fiend hunting.

Stephanie McMahon is out on the ramp to deliver the WWE Draft picks.

Round One:

RAW Selects: Seth Rollins

SmackDown Selects: Brock Lesnar

RAW Selects: Charlotte Flair

SmackDown Selects: The New Day

RAW Selects: Andrade and Zelina Vega

Andrade w/Zelina Vega vs. Ali

The match started during the break. Ali is in control of Andrade until Andrade catches Ali with a dropkick as he tried to drop down to the mat. Ali goes up top. Andrade pushes Ali off the top rope. Ali hits the floor hard. Andrade sends Ali arm first into the ring post. Andrade puts Ali in a cross arm breaker using the bottom rope. Andrade misses a running knee. Andrade falls to the outside. Ali tries a dive but Vega gets up on the apron. Ali dives over Vega to take out Andrade. As the referee is distracted, Vega hits a ranna off the apron, sending Ali into the barricade. Andrade brings Ali back into the ring. Andrade drops Ali with the Hammerlock DDT for the win!

Winner- Andrade

WWE Draft Round Tw0:

RAW Selects: The Kabuki Warriors

SmackDown Selects: Daniel Bryan

RAW Selects: Rusev

SmackDown Selects: Bayley

RAW Selects: Aleister Black

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