Bully Ray: ‘There’s A Force Out There Preventing Me From Switching To NXT’

Discussing the Wednesday Night Wars on Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray & Dave Lagreca discuss how hard they found it to switch the channel from AEW to NXT this past Wednesday night. For Bully Ray, it’s all about perception. “I find it impossible to not stay on AEW. It’s almost as if there’s a force out there that’s preventing me from switching to NXT. The perception of NXT, the size of the arena, the enthusiasm. I really have to see past all of that and keep my eyes in the ring.”

For Dave, it’s more about the broadcast schedule. He states that there was never a good time to see what the opposition was doing, as both shows cut to commercial at exactly the same time. Combine that with the one-two punch of The Bucks and Jericho on the mic, and he settled in for the night.

You can hear the full podcast clip embedded below:

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