Backstage Update On Plans For WWE Draft

The WWE Draft is just one day away, which means some backstage news has surfaced online. 

WWE has already confirmed that the draft will start this Friday with SmackDown on FOX then continuing for a second night on Monday Night Raw. 

Dave Meltzer noted on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio the stars will be legitimately finding out which brands they will be going to on these nights as they won’t be told in advance aside from the top stars. 

The draft will be different from previous years as the plan is set to hold the draft similar to the NFL Draft where representatives from FOX and the USA Network will be announcing the picks for their brands. 

The reason for that is due to make it as authentic as possible because of these television deals that WWE has. WWE does not want authority figures involved in programming for now, according to Meltzer. 

The WrestleVotes Twitter account also shed some more light on the situation: 

Draft info is being kept tight lipped, rightfully so. They are trying to make this a big deal. With that said, I know Heyman has fought for Bray Wyatt & Aleister Black to land on RAW. On the flip side, FOX – not specifically Bischoff, has remained steady for Reigns & Charlotte.