Jon Moxley’s Weapon Showdown With Kenny Omega Gets Interrupted By PAC

Jon Moxley returned to All Elite Wrestling and had his first television match on the second episode of AEW Dynamite against Shawn Spears.

Moxley came out and had little fear going up against “The Chairman.” He immediately started throwing fists and had the advantage against Spears. While Tully Blanchard tried to interfere, it wasn’t enough to slow down Moxley’s assault. Spears finally got a chance to get a second wind after Blanchard caused Moxley to run into the steel stairs ringside.

Spears continued to take advantage of the opportunity by throwing Moxley into the ring barricades. Moxley managed to battle back into the match and hit a huge lariat to get the momentum on his side. He went for a paradigm shift, but it was reversed by Spears. The second time was the charm though as Moxley managed to hit it and pick up a win.

After the match, Moxley was confronted by none other than Kenny Omega. “The Cleaner” had a broom and a bat covered in barbed wire. Moxley approached Omega, and was given the bat by his opponent. However, before they could battle, PAC (who was on commentary) came out and hit Omega with a chair.

Their match will have to wait.

Who won the night? Was it All Elite Wrestling Dynamite on TNT or WWE NXT on USA Network? Did Chris Jericho’s new faction reveal deliver? What did you think of Walter taking on Kushida and the big title switch on NXT? Join the conversation with WZ Daily’s Kevin Kellam getting your comments on screen right after both shows go off the air.

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