WWE NXT Results -10/9/19


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OCTOBER 9, 2019


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Last Week’s NXT Live Results

The show started with a vignette recapping last week’s events before jumping right into a live shot of the NXT Arena and Mauro Ranallo announcing that the NXT Cruiserweight Championship match would start the show. Lio Rush is out first.


Right away, Lio Rush hit a running Spanish fly to Gulak and covered him for a two count. Drew hit the outside floor and was leveled with a topé. Drew would gain control with a strong ground game and get a two-count on a cradle.

Later in the match, Rush would take a hard fall to the outside of the ring from the top rope, which would send us into our first picture in picture commercial break of the evening. During the break, Drew would hit a middle rope clothesline for a two count. Gulak would continue to apply the pressure as NXT came back from break with Rush fighting his way back from a headlock. The full picture would resume after they close two following a headlock DDT from Rush.

Gulak would catch Rush’s leg on Attempted kick and then deliver a powerful clothesline for a yet another two count!

After an unsuccessful Gulock. The Colossal Clash led to a superplex attempt from Drew. Rushwood hit one flying cross body followed by a springboard stunner and then the Final Hour Frog Splash for the win.

WINNER & New Champion Lio Rush!

The announcers would hype the rest of the action for this evening and air a Finn Balor/NXT retrospective vignette to send us into the commercial break.

Tegan Nox will return to NXT next week according to a vignette. Nox is shown backstage with Dakota Kai, Who will face Bianca Belair tonight.

Rhea Ripley is out for action. She’ll face Aliyah.

Rhea Ripley vs. Aliyah

Right off the bat, Ripley overpowered Aliyah and quickly tapped her out with a reverse cloverleaf ankle lock maneuver. Brutal. After the match, she announced that she was coming for Shayna Baszler.

Breezango debuted a new gimmick and entrance music as they entered the ring as construction workers who danced like male strippers.

They were scheduled to face Ever-Rise, but the Canadian duo was taken out backstage by The Forgotten Sons who would take their place.

Breezango vs. The Forgotten Sons

The Forgotten Sons started out strong but would don’t be on the defensive end. The Forgotten Sons would counter the Fashion Faux-pas and keep Tyler in the corner. Fandango would tag himself in and hit a top rope sunset powerbomb. Breezango would go for a double superkick but would be overtaken by the numbers game and the Forgotten Sons would win with a double team diving stomp and reverse DDT.

WINNER: The Forgotten Sons

A vignette would air for Keith Lee and they would be announced that he would once again go against Dominik Dijakovic next week on NXT.


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Boa vs. Cameron Grimes

Due to an appearance and distraction by Killian Dain, Grimes scored a quick win.  Afterward, Dain attacked Boa and proclaimed that “this is only the beginning.”

Back from break, Roderick Strong is coming out for action against Isaiah Scott. Strong was shown with the other members of The Undisputed ERA.

Roderick Strong vs. Isiah Scott

The match started out with some good chain wrestling but would get more aggressive as Strong would take the lead. Ground and pound game from the strong would take us into our second picture in picture commercial break for the evening. So far, Strong has maintained control.

Swerve would gain some ground by landing a few well-placed up kicks and a strong punch to the face. Isaiah Scott would finally become the dominant force in the match which would send the rest of The Undisputed ERA out to ringside.

The numbers game would become too strong and Roderick Strong would hit the End Of Heartache followed by the Strong Hold.

After the match, Adam Cole would cut a promo about how great the Undisputed ERA is. The Velveteen Dream would interrupt first. He would announce that in two weeks, he would have a rematch with Roderick over the NXT North American Championship. Then, he would put up the image of Roderick strong wearing only the NXT North American Championship that Roderick posted on Instagram, but he would edit it so that it showed censored nude photo instead.

Then, Tomasso Ciampa would appear and clear the Ring of the foursome and take a microphone to simply say, “Goldie, daddy’s home.”

Back from commercial, Angel Garza was trying to stop Cathy Kelley from interviewing Tomasso Champa and decided to step up to Ciampa and cut a promo on him in Spanish and got punched for his troubles.

Dakota Kai vs Bianca Belair

The match started off with displays of power by Bianca. Dakota Kai would gain control And the match would go back-and-forth for some time Bianca would get a to count off of a standing Shooting Star Press.

Dakota would try to fight back with a push kick but ran into a KOD.

WINNER: Bianca Belair

After the match, Bianca would say that if Rhea Ripley wanted Shayna, she would have to go through her.

A Dominik Dijakovic promo aired. Pete Dunne vs. Damian Priest was set for next week,

WALTER vs. Kushida

The match started quickly with Kushida frustrating WALTER as NXT went into the break.

Back from break, Kushida missed a springboard opportunity and was floored by a big boot from WALTER.

WALTER would maintain control for the moment. Kushida would get a burst of energy and try to deliver a sunset flip powerbomb from the apron to the floor but would get his face stomped in for his troubles.

WALTER would try to deliver a sleeper suplex from the apron but it would be broken as Kushida would hit a tornado DDT to the floor.

Both men would be in the ring by the count of 9 and exchange submissions. With both men on their feet, WALTER would hit a push kick to the face.

Kushida would lock in the hoverboard lock from the top rope and nearly win. WALTER would hit a shotgun dropkick and nail powerbomb for a great near fall before finally winning with the ripcord lariat

Winner: WALTER

Angel Garza vs. Tomasso Ciampa was set for next week & Ranallo wrapped up the show.

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