Jake Hager Favors His AEW Debut To Cain Velasquez’s In WWE, Wants To See More MMA Crossover

Appearing on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, new AEW star Jake Hager said that he was happy that Cain Velasquez also made the jump to a big wrestling promotion last week. “I think it’s cool that Cain was able to crossover, I think it’s awesome. I want more people to crossover. Our fans can truly see how similar the worlds are and how great they both can be when you understand what’s going on.”

Despite his congratulations, the former Jack Swagger goes on to say that he had the better debut of the two. Also, he did think it was curious that WWE would debut Cain on SmackDown without signing him. “I think it’s interesting that they saw me surprise debut and then a couple of days later, they had Cain come out not even signed to a contract. Kind of rush hush-hush.”

Jake Hager also talks about balancing his new schedule between AEW and Bellator,  whether he’ll show up weekly on Dynamite TV, and whether NWO or DX was cooler in high school. You can see the full segment in the video embedded below:

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