NWA Reaches 100K Subscribers, Captures AEW Dark’s Audience For Powerrr

The NWA had a very successful day on Tuesday, the premiere date for its new Powerrr broadcast. Starting at the traditional 6:05 PM, 22% of Powerrr’s view time came from fans linked from AEW Dark’s suggested video link according to a report by The Wrap. The promotion also jumped up from 85k to over 100,000 subscribers because of the broadcast, which trended #1 in the United States and #3 globally on Twitter.

At its peak, 3,300 people watched NWA Powerrr on Facebook Live, while 13,000 watched on YouTube. Both peaks came during the main event NWA World Title match between Nick Aldis and Tim Storm.

According to NWA Vice President David Lagana in his talks with Daily Wrap, there are “eight or nine” more episodes of Powerrr already in the can. They will air “sporadically” in the coming weeks, leading to a PPV event on December 14.

It’s interesting that David doesn’t commit to a weekly program at this time, but hopefully this success will translate into enough resources to make Tuesday night yet another great night for pro wrestling.

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