More Details On Jeff Hardy’s Most Recent Arrest, Scheduled For Court In November

We have some more details to pass along regarding Jeff Hardy’s recent arrest for a DWI. According to a report from TMZ Sports, the Carthage Police Dept. in North Carolina began following Hardy after locating his car following a tip about a careless and reckless driver around 8:40 p.m. on October 3.

Once cops located the car, they noticed Hardy was parked outside a liquor store. After Hardy came out of the store, it was noticed he was carrying a case of beer. The 42-year-old then got in his car and drove off as cops followed closely by, pulling him over shortly thereafter as he was seen weaving badly in his lane.

During the stop, one of the officers realized Hardy had some dried blood on his nose. Hardy divulged it was from a fight he had gotten into with his wife earlier. The police report does not give anymore details into the possible domestic violence incident. Hardy was then questioned about alcohol consumption, to which he admitted to having two shots of vodka earlier in the night.

Hardy then “bombed” the field sobriety test before refusing a breathalyzer or blood sample. Ultimately, a search warrant was obtained and EMS was summoned to draw some of the former WWE Champion’s blood. He was subsequently booked for Driving While Impaired and Driving on a Revoked License. Police have said they will not be looking into any domestic violence issue between Hardy and his wife unless they receive a complaint.

According to a report from PWInsider, Hardy is set for a court appearance on the morning of Thursday, November 7 from Moore County Court in North Carolina. His license has been revoked for at least 30 days pending his hearing. Hardy has been out-of-action for WWE due to a leg injury for quite some time. He is currently slated to make an appearance at a Ringside Fest event in New York on November 3.

WWE sent WrestleZone the following message on Friday about the arrest. “Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions.”

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