Natalya Powerbombs Lacey Evans Off The Stage, Wins Last Woman Standing Match

The rivalry between Natalya and Lacey Evans have formed an intense rivalry in recent weeks. After Natalya picked up a win over Evans at WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff, the two women met in a Last Woman Standing match on RAW. Natalya won the match after she powerbombed Evans off the stage.

Natalya controlled the match early on and suplexed Evans onto the floor. Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter and continued to dominate. Evans slammed Natalya into the barricade. Evans teased using a table but she put it away and tossed Natalya into the steel steps. The Sassy Southern Belle hit Natalya with a kendo stick and tossed Natalya head-first into the ring post. Evans kicked Natalya while she was in a chair. Natalya hit a monkey flip on the floor and hit Evans with the kendo stick. Evans dropped Natalya with a neckbreaker on the floor. The Sassy Southern Bell hit Natalya with a full trash can. Evans suplexed Natalya on the ramp and tossed her into the entrance stage.

Evans suplexed Natalya again onto the announce table. Natalya powerbombed Evans off the stage through a table below. Evans didn’t make it back to her feet so Natalya won the match.

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