Sanada Signs Contract Ahead Of NJPW King Of Pro Wrestling, Okada Responds To Fan Chants

Ahead of their IWGP Heavyweight Championship match on Oct. 14, both Sanada and Kazuchika Okada signed a contract to make the match official. The bout will headline New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s King of Pro Wrestling event in Ryogoku. The signing took place at Korakuen Hall earlier today.

“Do you all like Sanada?” the challenger asked the crowd. “Recently, I’ve been hearing Sanada chants all across Japan and abroad. People have been chanting for Okada too, but I think the time has come for people to see a New Japan with Sanada as the focal point, don’t you? Right now, New Japan doesn’t want Okada, or Naito, or Tanahashi. Not EVIL or Ibushi either. From now on, I, Sanada, will carry NJPW and all of wrestling on my shoulders.”

The champion has also been hearing the chants and issued a response after signing the contract. “It seems you aren’t too happy with a NJPW with Okada as its focus,” said Okada. “I heard those chants. But I have something to say about that. The Rugby World Cup is awesome! But NJPW isn’t going to lose out to rugby for a second. King of Pro Wrestling is going to blow you away, and Kazuchika Okada is going to win in the main event!”

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