Friday Night Smackdown Results (10/11/19)

Shorty Gable vs. King Corbin

Corbin drives Gable into the corner. Corbin dumps Gable out of the ring. Gable pushes Corbin into the ring post. Gable starts to work over Corbin’s ankle. Spinning arm drag by Gable. Corbin boots Gable in the face. Corbin tries the dipsey doo clothesline but Gable cuts him off with a stiff elbow. Corbin chokeslams Gable on the announce table. After the break, Corbin tries the deep six. Gable reverses it into a bulldog. Gable lands multiple koppo kicks. Corbin rolls out of the ring. Gable hits a running dropkick that sends Corbin into the crowd. Gable sends Corbin back into the ring. Moonsault by Gable. Corbin kicks out. Gable lands the Chaos Theory. Corbin kicks out. Gable hits another German suplex. Gable tries to hold on to hit another but Gable’s back gives out. Gable rolls Corbin into the Ankle Lock. Corbin kicks Gable away. Corbin hits The End of Days for the win.

Winner- Baron Corbin

Stephine McMahon is out for the next picks:

Randy Orton to RAW

Sasha Banks to Smackdown

Ricochet to RAW

Braun Strowman to Smackdown

Bobby Lashley to RAW

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