Chad ’Shorty’ Gable Upsets King Corbin At WWE Hell In A Cell

At WWE Hell in a Cell, King Corbin faced Chad Gable in a rematch of the WWE King of the Ring 2019 Final. The two superstars have formed an intense rivalry in recent weeks, but Gable scored the upset victory when he rolled up Corbin.

Early in the match, Corbin grabbed a microphone, insulted Gable and called him Shorty Gable. Gable used the mockery as motivation and brought the fight to Corbin. Using some newfound aggression, Gable gave Corbin everything he could handle. The King planted Gable with Deep Six for a near fall. Gable countered End of Days and hit a neckbreaker. A moonsault earned Gable a near fall. He put Corbin in the ankle lock but the King escaped. Corbin chokeslammed Gable on the apron. Corbin tried to use the scepter as a weapon but Gable ultimately rolled him up for the upset.

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