The OC Gets Disqualified Against The Viking Raiders And Braun Strowman, Strowman Knocks Out AJ Styles

At WWE Hell in a Cell, the O.C. faced the Viking Raiders and a mystery partner. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and the Viking Raiders have formed a heated rivalry in recent weeks. Braun Strowman joined forces with Erik and Ivar to take on the O.C. The Viking Raiders and Strowman won via disqualification but Strowman knocked out Styles.

Anderson began the match against Ivar, who gained the upper hand. Gallows tagged in but Ivar showed his unorthodox athleticism. Erik entered the match and slammed Gallows. Styles helped his teammates regain control by kicking Erik in the face. Another kick from Gallows dropped Ivar. Styles tagged in and rocked Erik with another kick. The O.C. continued to gang up on Erik. Strowman tagged in and cleared house. He trucked over Styles and hit him with a splash in the corner. Strowman trucked over all his opponents at ringside. But Styles sent him shoulder-first into the ring post and targeted his leg. The match broke down into a brawl and the O.C. attacked Strowman. The referee rang the bell but the trio kept assaulting Strowman.

The Viking Raiders evened the odds and dove onto Anderson and Gallows at ringside. Strowman and Styles kept fighting until the Monster Among Men floored Styles with a right hand.

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