Jon Moxley Calls WWE Schedule ‘Stupid,’ Talks Wrestlers Getting More Pay

Jon Moxley took part in All Elite Wrestling’s media press conference at New York Comic-Con 2019, where he discussed a lot in terms of his wrestling career. Moxley spoke about a handful of topics, including how he feels regarding his move from the WWE, and what he thinks AEW has already begun to do for wrestlers outside of the company.

Of course, Moxley did also touch on his recent bout with a MRSA injury. Moxley was asked about the GCW & Josh Barnett Bloodsport show, and how he felt about it. According to Moxley (via Cageside Seats), he watched nearly all of the show, and praised the event for its use of technical wrestling.

Moxley was also asked about the future of wrestling, and he discussed how he believes that WWE is going to be changing its touring schedule – which he calls “stupid – eventually. Moxley also touched on the payment that wrestlers receive, and said he’s glad companies are attempting to pay more in order to lock superstars down.

Elsewhere in the conference, Mox touched on moving on from the years of being Dean Ambrose, and said that he’s now trying to be more upbeat when it comes to how he approaches things.

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