Brock Lesnar Squashes Kofi Kingston To Win WWE Championship, Gets Confronted By Cain Velasquez

The main event of WWE Friday Night Smackdown’s debut was one of the most hyped matches of the night. Unfortunately for Kofi Kingston, it didn’t go as planned, as the WWE Champion lost his belt in a seven-second loss to Brock Lesnar. Immediately after the bell rang, Kingston inadvertently jumped into Lesnar, who delivered an F-5 to seal the match.

Before the crowd could even process their shock, however, a huge surprise guest made his way out. Just as Lesnar was given the belt, Rey Mysterio made his way out, accompanied by former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez, who seems to have made his way to the WWE. After coming down to the ring and entering it, Velasquez got to work fighting, as he took down Lesnar and delivered a series of punches to him before Lesnar escaped out of the ring.

Lesnar and Velasquez have a history in the UFC as Velasquez won the belt after knocking out “The Beast,” and will now likely be looking to create a brand new one in the WWE. With Lesnar once again the WWE Champion, it’s clear that Velasquez is going to be challenging him for dominance in the wrestling world, and only time will tell which superstar comes out on top.

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