Collector’s Corner: Eaglemoss WWE Hero Collector – Bret Hart & Bayley (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner! This week we take an early look at the new WWE Hero Collector Bret Hart and Bayley figurines.

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The Packaging

Each figurine comes in a very vibrant, colorful box with images of several of the other figurines in the box. Up until now each figurine has come in a red box but Bayley broke the mold and comes in an updated blue box. I’m not sure if this ties into what shows the superstars are on but the blue is a nice touch and update. They also come with a very nice booklet with information about the superstar with images, information and more. The figurines are also very protected by plastic to prevent them from being damaged in transit, storage, etc.

Bret Hart

Bret’s figurine is pretty cool as it’s very detailed for his scale. He’s in his signature entrance attire with the shades on and all. Bret’s attire is very detailed from head to toe and his likeness is pretty good for the most part. It can be very difficult to get a truly accurate likeness at their scale but the amount of detail overall really makes up for it. He comes on a display stand with his name on a sticker underneath as well as felt to prevent it from sliding.

Overall, Bret is pretty nice. I was excited to get him as I love collecting anything of the Legends. The detail is very impressive for the size, even more detailed than the Mattel figures, which is crazy. If you’re a fan of the Hitman I recommend picking him up!


Bayley’s figurine is pretty nice as well. Her likeness is pretty good, mine has a little chip in her chin so don’t mind that, but overall it looks like her for the most part. She has the little hair tie in her hair as well as her signature ponytail. Her attire is super detailed from head to toe, even to the string down her back from tying her top. I love the little details like this, especially at this scale, as it really makes them special. She also seems to be in scale with Bret Hart, making her shorter like she would be in real life. Bayley also comes on a display stand with her name on a sticker underneath as well as felt to prevent her from sliding.

Overall, Bayley looks pretty nice. She is my wife’s favorite female wrestler so I was excited to get her as well. I’d say she looks pretty good overall and as mentioned the detail just really makes it pop overall. If you’re a fan of Bayley be sure to pick her up as well once she’s available!

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