Tony Khan On How Long Jake Hager’s Been Signed With AEW; Awesome Kong’s Status

During the post-show scrum of AEW Dynamite Tony Khan was asked about the the status of Jake Hager, who debuted with All Elite Wrestling last night and the president shared that both the company and the former Jack Swagger are real good at keeping secrets:

“You know what’s really cool about secreting keeping is that Jake’s been signed to us for a really long time. Jake’s been signed to us for a really long time and Jake can clearly keep a secret and so can we so we did a good job at keeping that one under, but it’s been for quite awhile now. Before All Out, Jake was signed.”

Tony was then asked if there would be any interference with Hager’s Bellator fighting schedule and Khan said that was a plan already booked in:

“We planned it all along. I mean like for him to do his training it’s something we’re going to have to account for so he moved his camp to accommodate this but he’s also still in training and he’s in good schedule with that, but the AEW schedule with working Wednesdays allow him to kind of make Wednesday the off-day, Wednesday, Thursday so he can train Friday to Tuesday so that’s what Jake’s doing right now.”

Another talent that was asked about was Awesome Kong and Tony told the media that Kong is indeed a full time employee and was right beside him in Gorilla helping coach the second women’s match of the evening.

“Yeah! She was coaching, the second women’s match. That women’s tag, she was sitting next to me. She’s great. You will be seeing her, she’s backstage too. She’s another full-time employee and she works with us and she’s an important part of the office and she’s great. She’s backstage a lot, but you will be seeing her again, but I won’t say when or where.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can watch the entire post-show scrum with Khan below:

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