ROH Wrestling Results (9/28/19): Cobb vs. Lethal vs. Taven vs. King

McKay and Riccaboni preview the Defy or Deny main event and discuss the Top Prospect Tournament. They also recap Ring of Honor’s most recent trip to the United Kingdom, when Mark Haskins won the Ring of Honor International Cup.

Backstage, Jay Lethal discusses the Defy or Deny match and says the Ring of Honor World Championship is worth the risk.

Defy or Deny: ROH World Champion Matt Taven vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King vs. Jeff Cobb (replayed from ROH Honor For All)

All four men shake hands. Taven insults all three of his opponents and they gang up on him. Lethal and King break off into a fight of their own. Taven sends Cobb out of the ring and Lethal joins him. King knocks Taven off the apron and Lethal sends King to the floor. Cobb and Lethal square off and the Hawaiian Juggernaut floors Lethal with a shoulder block. Lethal suplexes Cobb but the big man bounces back up. Lethal hip tosses Cobb after the Hawaiian Juggernaut misses a standing moonsault.

Cobb suplexes Taven despite King’s best efforts to stop him. Lethal and King brawl at ringside. Cobb throws Taven all the way across the ring. King and Taven double suplex Cobb. Lethal fights both men but gets kicked by both of his rivals. King and Taven continue to work together and dominate Lethal. The two men attack Cobb but Lethal interferes. A backbreaker drops Lethal again. King nearly rolls up Taven and the champion argues with him. Cobb slams King onto Taven, who has Lethal locked in a Figure Four. Cobb helicopters Taven for a near fall. Taven demolishes King with a knee to the head for a near fall. Taven and Lethal exchange counters. Superkicks fly all around and Taven plants Cobb with a DDT. Taven hits Cobb with the ROH World title and gets disqualified. King hits Lethal with the title and pins him with the Royal Flush to eliminate him.

Cobb counters the Royal Flush but King nearly rolls him up. A snap German plants King and Tour of the Islands gets Cobb the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb


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