Get A Sneak Peek At RAW’s New Set, Io Shirai On The Latest Canvas 2 Canvas

Get A Sneak Peek At RAW’s New Set

Thanks to ThatShadowGuy on Twitter, we’ve got a quick sneak peek at RAW’s brand new set going into tonight’s season premiere. It seems that RAW is going very screen-heavy, which is surprising since they’re not emanating from Orlando this evening. Theme park humor aside, a stage that doubles as a video screen could lead to some interesting visuals to be sure.

We’ve already seen effects like KO’s brief “Face of America” gimmick and Randy Orton’s slithering snake down the ramp make headlines. What new wrinkles could we see added to already established entrances?

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Io Shirai On The Latest Canvas 2 Canvas

Rob Schamberger’s latest work on the ongoing YouTube series Canvas 2 Canvas involves Io Shirai embracing her new evil attitude. Rob states that he wants to “explore and investigate” her “descent into darkness”, and I think he pulls it off well in his portrait.