Cost FOX Is Charging For Advertising During SmackDown, WWE Featured In ‘Manning Hour’

Photo Credit: WWE/FOX Sports

Cost FOX Is Charging For Advertising During SmackDown

It is being reported by The Wrestling Observer that FOX is charging $1,100 for ‘cost per point of demographic rating’ during WWE SmackDown. As a comparison, FOX is charging much higher amounts for other shows.

$2,500 for The Masked Singer, $2,300 for The Simpsons, and $2,250 for Empire. FOX is charging half for WWE of what they typically charge for other shows.

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WWE Featured In ‘Manning Hour’

WWE Superstars Carmella & R-Truth were featured in an episode of ‘Manning Hour’ which is a comedic skit that airs on Sundays before NFL on FOX. The but is apart of ‘FOX NFL Sunday’. The skit features Cooper Manning, brother of NFL players Eli and Peyton Manning.

You can watch the two minute episode below.