Shane Taylor Overcomes The Odds, Surprise Appearance By Dragon Lee To Retain ROH World TV Title

The finale of Friday’s ROH Death Before Dishonor saw Shane Taylor overcome some huge odds to retain his Ring of Honor World Television Championship. In a match that was initially billed as a triple threat, the ROH world was shocked to find that Dragon Lee was added as a surprise fourth competitor to the match.

Despite the surprise, Taylor still came away with a big win, thanks in part to the chaos of the match. For a brief breakdown of the match, check out below courtesy of our live results:

Taylor and Williams exchange strikes. Lee hits a slingshot kick on Taylor and a stiff knee on Williams. Lee dives onto Williams and Gordon. Taylor dives onto all three men. Gordon plants Taylor with a DDT. Williams slams Gordon’s head off the turnbuckle but Lee hits Hot Sauce with a brainbuster for a near fall. Lee rocks Taylor with a knee to the head but Taylor returns the favor. Taylor plants Gordon with Welcome to the Land for the win.

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