Luchaverse Comics Starring Rey Mysterio, Lucha Bros, And More Collected In One Volume

The ongoing comic adventures of your favorite ringed masked warriors have been collected into one volume. Put out by Chido Comics, the Luchaverse One-Shots Collection features stories starring Rey Mysterio, The Lucha Bros, Konnan, Super Astro and more. These stories, previously published separately, serve as a prelude to a line of Luchaverse comics starring these wrestlers.

Several luminaries of the comics world chimed in with good words about Luchaverse. Daredevil and Avengers writer Mark Waid said “I love to see creators working on books that are clearly passion projects.  I love it even more when they’re this good.” Meanwhile, Wonder Twins and Red Sonja writer Mark Russel called the new universe a “nutty place where wrestlers square off against demons, yetis, and robots.”

The Luchaverse One-Shots Collection is available at the official Luchaverse website, and will also appear at select comic book shops around the United States.

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