Report: Majority Of IMPACT Wrestling’s Production Team Leaving For AEW After Failing To Secure Contract

Earlier this week it was reported that Kevin Sullivan, who had done production work for IMPACT Wrestling, would be working for AEW going forward. 

SEScoops has shed some new light on this situation with a report that states AEW has ‘raided’ IMPACT’s production team. IMPACT had been outsourcing the majority of its production work to Kevin Sullivan’s KSTV

The company made a deal with AEW that will see them working directly with AEW lead producer Keith Mitchell. As a result, virtually all of the production team has left IMPACT scrambling as they were blindsided when the Sullivan group notified them the working relationship was over. 

This comes after KSTV had tried to make a deal with Anthem that would bring them stability but that never came to, which left the door open for AEW to swoop in.

While IMPACT had tried to spin the situation as if AEW only took one person, Kevin Sullivan TV is composed of editors, graphic artists, sound engineers, video producers, voiceovers studios and more. IMPACT has tried to hire a local Tennessee producer to handle the work in the last few days during this setback. 

SEScoops noted one source called the story a “huge strategic move” by AEW and “crippling” to Impact ahead of their move to AXS TV in late October.