Daniel Bryan And Erick Rowan Square Off In The Ring, Roman Reigns Aids Bryan After Post Match Beatdown

Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live got off with a bang, as Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan took each on in the ring after weeks of Rowan attacking Bryan. In a match that was surprisingly back-and-forth, it was Rowan who eventually came away with a win, after a series of Iron Claw slams left Bryan down for the count.

However, after the match, Harper joined the ring, and he and Rowan attempted to continue the assault of Bryan by the announcer’s table. Thankfully for Bryan, though, Roman Reigns made his way out, and while he and Bryan initially seemed to once again destined to suffer a beating, they were able to turn the tides. In the ring, Bryan landed a running knee to Harper, and Reigns was able to deliver a spear to Rowan to down him.

After driving Rowan and Harper out of the ring, Bryan then took to the microphone and asked if the crowd wanted to see he and Reigns fight the menacing duo. Needless to say, the crowd was into it, setting up a potential future match between the two.

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