Social Media Round-Up: The Rock Gets A San Francisco 49ers’ Spin After Win, Sami Not Okay In Hawaii

The Rock Gets A San Francisco 49ers’ Spin After Win

The Rock continues to electrify in all realms of sports. The San Francisco 49ers handed the Pittsburgh Steelers’ their third defeat this NFL season to bring the Niners themselves to an undefeated 3-0. The team’s star tight end, George Kittle is a notably huge wrestling fan and channeled The People’s Champ after laying the SmackDown on three teams so far:

Sami Not Okay In Hawaii

Roman Reigns’ first showing in Honolulu may have been nice for him, but Sami Zayn had a completely opposite experience as he lost to “The Big Dog” in singles action. One fan caught an up-close video of Zayn being thrown into a barricade and got Sami’s “in-the-moment thoughts” on his predicament.

Kofi Kicks It With Coming To America

Kofi Kingston is the king of kicks and his latest sneaker scoop happens to have some parallels with NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo and the 1988 classic comedy Coming To America.

Kofi Kingston (a.k.a. MR. 24/7) is coming at you from the BIG APPLE to review some Nike Air Zoom Freak 1 by basketball star, Giannis Antetokounmpo! In these transatlantic kicks, Giannis draws parallels from the 1988 movie, “Coming to America,” to his own life, as he flew from Greece to America to kick off his basketball career!

AJ Lee Ready For CM Punk’s Horror Flick, “Girl On The Third Floor”

Wrestling and horror fans aren’t the only folks ready to support CM Punk as he stars in “Girl On The Third Floor.” AJ Lee is eager to see the flick as well (with a few stipulations):

“Can I come?! Follow up questions: 1. Can I cheer like a proud stage mom? 2. Can someone cover my eyes during all the sex scenes? 3. Can I still shout awkward words of encouragement during the sex scenes like “get it boo” because I don’t wanna seem unsupportive?”

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