Maury Povich Has Some Advice For Maria Kanellis, Keith Olbermann Takes Issue With Braun’s MLB Spot, MJF Loves D&D

Maury Povich didn’t rule anyone out, but he did have some good advice for Maria Kanellis and those involved in the ongoing ‘who’s the father’ mystery on RAW:

Keith Olbermann is best known for his political commentary program on MSNBC and sports anchor work on ESPN… but somehow he has a problem with Braun Strowman being featured during FOX’s Baseball Night In America broadcast last night. Strowman was in Chicago (where the FOX Moving Truck is as well) and Olbermann posted the following:

Not to let it slide, Braun posted the following reponse:

Speaking of FOX Sports, Jim Ross recently hung out with the NFL on FOX team:

Austin Theory posted the following video after he made his NXT debut:

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Timothy Thatcher is coming to MLW:

MJF (still) doesn’t like Dungeons & Dragons:

Mike Tyson wants to trade his white tiger in for a Jaguar. Man Shrugging on Apple iOS 12.2