Cody Wants AEW To Have Dinosaur Mascot, Renee Young Gets Birthday Surprise

Cody Wants AEW To Have Dinosaur Mascot

American Nightmare Cody Rhodes is psyched that AEW’s TNT show is called AEW Dynamite. So much so that he wants to expand on the idea with a dinosaur mascot in the vein of the legendary Wildcat Willie.

Just field-testing this with you all? (Everybody knows my love for mascots…) Would you be interested in a dinosaur mascot who carries around novelty dynamite and throws out free shirts? I call him DINO-MIGHT

Of course, AEW wrestler Luchasaurus is a proud proponent of dinosaur rights, and he has a bone to pick with the boss over the idea. Despite that, the ideas is popular according to the Twitter poll results, so we can perhaps expect some mascot shenanigans on Wednesday Night Dynamite in October.

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Renee Young Gets Birthday Surprise

In a fun bonus video, Renee Young celebrates her birthday live on camera with a present that she didn’t see coming. Always the professional, Renee keeps up with the teleprompter even when it becomes obvious that this isn’t for any particular show.