WWE NXT Live Results (9/18/19)

Sean Maluta vs. Cameron Grimes

Maluta charges at Grimes. Grimes immediately hits the standing double stomp for the win!

Winner- Cameron Grimes

North American Championship Match: Velveteen Dream (c) vs. Roderick Strong

Strong and Dream lock up. Strong tries to take Dream down but Dream forces Strong into the corner. Strong and Dream trade armbars. Dream clotheslines Strong out of the ring. After the break, Dream lands a dropkick. Axhandle off the top by Dream. Strong rolls out of the ring. Dream hits another Axhandle to the outside. Strong sends Dream into the barricade. Strong picks up Dream and drops him on the barricade back first. Wrecking ball dropkick by Strong.Strong works a rear chin lock. Dream turns it into a pin, so Strong releases the hold. Strong lights up Dream’s chest with chop after chop. Strong stomps Dream’s back. Backbreaker by Strong. Dream is writhing in pain on the mat. Strong uranage backbreakers Dream for another near fall. Strong tries to put Dream in the Strong Hold. Dream almost counters it into the sharpshooter. Strong escapes to the outside. Dream pushes Strong into the ring steps. After the break, Strong and Dream are fighting on the top rope. Dream pushes Strong off the top Dream superkicks Strong. Dream only gets a near fall.

Dream destroys Strong with the DreamDT! Strong kicks out again! Dream goes up top but Strong rolls to the outside. Dream tries to suplex Strong back into the ring. Strong escapes. Strong hits the Sick Kick. Dream collapses on the second rope. Strong butterflies Dream’s arms. Dream escapes and hits a right hand. Strong blasts Dreeam with a running knee. Strong ties Dream up in the ropes. Strong lands elbow after elbow. Strong hits the cradle backbreaker. Strong locks in the Stronghold. Dream eventually gets to the bottom rope. The Undisputed Era surrounds the ring. Dream fires up. Strong trips Dream into the referee. Dream hits the Dream Valley Driver. Dream knocks Colee off the apron. Strong hits the End of Heartache! Dream kicks out! Dream hits another DVD. Dream goes up top. Cole superkicks Dream off the top rope while the referee is distracted. Strong hits another End of Heartache for the win!

Winner and NEW North American Champion, Roderick Strong!

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