WWE SmackDown Live Results (9/17/19)

Backstage, Sasha Banks accepts Becky Lynch’s Hell in a Cell match challenge.

During an interview with Michael Cole, Rowan is surprised Cole knows his name. Rowan says his attacks on Roman Reigns were just designed to scare him. Rowan did what he did to Reigns to show Reigns that his perceived dominance doesn’t exist. Rowan is tired of being overlooked. Rowan isn’t a puppet. Rowan isn’t a follower, he is a leader. Rowan says he is superior to Daniel Bryan. Everyone is going to learn to never disrespect Rowan again.

Ali vs. Shinsuke Nakamura w/Sami Zayn

Zayn talks Nakamura all the way down the ring. Zayn tells Ali he isn’t a champion and never will be. Zayn grabs Ali’s leg while Nakamura hits a running knee. Nakamura hits the Kinshasa. The match is called before it even starts.

Kevin Owens is sitting in the crowd. Backstage, Shane says he is going to take care of this. Shane walks out of his locker room and before he can make it into the arena is served.

In-Ring Segment: Shane McMahon

Shane has security with him. Shane tells Owens to cut the bull. Shane tells Owens to come to the ring. Shane has a stagehand give him mic. Shane says he is holding in his hand the biggest wrongful termination lawsuit in history. Owens is suing for 25 million dollars. Owens reminds Shane that Shane fined Owens 100k for putting his hands on an official but Shane put his hands on Owens when he was the referee for Shane’s match. Owens says he was doing everything he could to help Shane win but Shane tapped out. Owens says he has tried to reason with Shane but nothing worked. This is about a lot more than money. Owens tells Shane the last clause in the lawsuit is that when Owens wins he gets to fire Shane.

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