WWE RAW Results (9/16/19)

The OC vs. Cedric Alexander and the Viking Raiders

Alexander is all over Styles. Alexander beats Styles into the corner. Running knee by Alexander. Erik tags in and hits a high knee. Erik bodyslams Ivar on top of Anderson. Gallows tags in and avoids Erik’s double knee strike in the corner. After the break, Erik tags in Ivar, who clears the ring. Everyone hits a big move. Styles surprises Alexander with the Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Winners- The OC

After the match, The OC and Viking Raiders fight. Ivar takes all three men out with a senton off the top to the outside. Alexander tries a ranna off the top but Styles reverses it into the Styles Clash.

R-Truth and Carmella are at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. For some reason, Glenn Jacobs (Kane) walks in. R-Truth seems to be confused and claims he doesn’t know who Jacobs is. Jacobs offers to give them a tour of Knoxville.

King of the Ring Finals: Baron Corbin vs. Chad Gable

Gable tries to pick Corbin’s ankle. Corbin gets to the ropes before Gable can take Corbin down. Gable locks in a front face lock. Corbin escapes and decks Gable. Gable tries to German suplex Corbin but Corbin shrugs it off. Gable dropkicks Corbin out of the ring. Gable charges in but Corbin back body drops Gable into the timekeeper’s area. After the break, Corbin is beating down Gable. Gable can barely stand. Gable fights his way out od a sleeper. Corbin hits the dipsey doo clothesline. Gable kicks out. Gable tries to fire up but Corbin flattens him with a running boot. Corbin whips Gable into the corner hard. Gable tries to put Corbin in a rope hang cross arm breaker. Corbin lifts Gable in the air and slams him to the mat. Gable almost puts Corbin in the ankle lock. Corbin kicks Gable away.

Corbin runs into the ring post. Missile dropkick by Gable. Gable hits multiple koppo kicks in the corner. Corbin counters the last one into a bodyslam for a near fall. Corbin drags Gable to the outside. Corbin slams Gable into the barricade over and over again. Corbin launches himself shoulder-first into the ring steps after Gable rolls out of the way. Gable slams Corbin’s ankle into the ring post. Gable dropkicks Corbin in the leg. Gable runs right into the deep six by Corbin. Gable kicks out at 2.9. Gable reverses thee dipsey doo clothesline into the Chaos Theory! Corbin kicks out! Corbin almost hits the End of days but Gable front flips out of it. Gable puts Corbin in the ankle lock. Corbin eventually gets to the ropes. Corbin hits the End of Days for the win!

Winner and King of the Ring, Baron Corbin!

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