Ric Flair Scheduled To Be At Tuesday’s SmackDown Tapings, Appearing On Twitter Q&A With Charlotte

Ric Flair may be in the midst of a legalities rift with WWE due to the company’s use of “The Man” moniker, but leave it to Cricket Wireless to bring the two parties together with a live Twitter session.

Ric will do a Q&A alongside his daughter Charlotte at noon before tomorrow’s SmackDown, but Mike Johnson of the PWInsider is reporting that Flair will also be in attendance for the tapings later that evening.

Join us here on 9/17 for a LIVE Twitter Q&A with

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Flair opened up to TMZ Sports recently to talk about his current status within the company and mentioned that Charlotte was upset with him in the chat:

“Here’s the deal: I love Becky Lynch and no one has supported the women’s division more than me as an outsider. As a matter of fact, I’ve told the guys, and I would have texted Becky last night and Sasha but I’m sure Becky – I don’t know what the WWE’s spin has been to her, they stole it last night. It’s funny, my daughter is so mad at me cause I filed not even understanding it’s not with Becky. I have no beef with Becky.”

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