Becky Lynch Gets Disqualified During Wild Brawl With Sasha Banks, Retains WWE RAW Women’s Championship

At WWE Clash of Champions, Becky Lynch defended the WWE RAW Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks. The competitive match turned into an unsanctioned brawl when Lynch was disqualified for hitting a referee with a chair. Due to the disqualification, Lynch retained the title.

When Banks returned to RAW after her hiatus, she quickly targeted Lynch. Bayley joined forces with Banks and turned on Lynch, which added even more intensity to the rivalry. During a competitive match, the challenger threw a chair into the ring and hit Lynch with another one. Banks then nearly pinned Lynch with a Shining Wizard. The referee stopped Banks from using the chair again but Lynch hit the referee with the chair. The champion then hit Banks with the chair and the match spilled into the crowd. Lynch chased Banks up the stairs and locker her in the Disarm-Her. The brawl  briefly moved to the backstage area. The fight returned to the ringside area and Lynch hit repeatedly Banks with a chair. The champion slammed Banks face-first into a chair and locked in the Disarm-Her through a chair until referees pulled Lynch away.The announcer revealed that Lynch had been disqualified for hitting the referee with the chair.

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