Killer Kross To Cain Velasquez: ‘September 15 Is Off The Table. The Confrontation However, Is Not.’

Killer Kross had some choice words for Cain Velasquez after he stepped foot for the first time in a pro wrestling ring at AAA TripleMania. The two were on opposite sides of the ring that night in tag action, and Kross made note that he vanquished everyone but Cody on the opposing side before. Kross also questioned what Velasquez’s intentions were for getting in the ring and promises that the two will cross paths at one point or other. Kross was taken off the upcoming AAA September 15 show in NYC by IMPACT Wrestling due to his ongoing situation with the company, but Kross has expressed interest and respect for AAA as a promotion:

“They’re looking to continue a healthy working relationship together, which I really respect. They were my first true introduction to Lucha libre and I’ve been working with them for over three years now and the experiences they’ve provided me have been absolutely priceless.”

Kross doesn’t mince words so the video is NSFW, but rest assured it is below along with Velasquez’s response:

A Message For Mr. Cain Velasquez:

September 15 is off the table.

The confrontation however, is not.

We have unfinished business Cain.

And we will see it through and pay off what these people wanted from the very beginning.

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