Update On Ken Shamrock’s Status With IMPACT Wrestling

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting what the plan is for Ken Shamrock as he made his return to IMPACT Wrestling this past weekend.

According to Meltzer in his latest Observer Newsletter, Shamrock will be facing Moose at Bound For Glory, but “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” will continue to work with the company past that. No word as to what the plan is for him past that match, but IMPACT World Champion Brian Cage has expressed interest in wrestling Shamrock. Cage stated in a recent interview with WrestleZone the high amount of admiration he has for Ken and has always been a fan of his.

“I thought he was phenomenal, man. And he was a jacked guy who could do some cool moves, he did some athletic stuff so he was like an old-school Brian Cage. I felt like he never got as much credit as he deserved.”

Shamrock also had an interview with WrestleZone’s Kevin Kellam about how he hasn’t lost that competitive edge and can’t say that he’ll ever stop fighting.

“So, for me, I’ve never had the mentality of ‘I can’t do it anymore.’ Even though I may have broke my neck, broke my lower back, blew my shoulder out, I always got fixed. I came back, I did my therapy, I got stronger, I got back in there – I always still win. So me being that kind of character, I can never tell anyone, ‘hey, listen, I’m not fighting anymore’, because I can’t do that. Because if someone does something to me or to my family, I’m going to fight them. So I can’t ever say I’m done fighting.”

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