Bayley Considers Herself A ‘Role Model’ (Video), Reported Launch Date For Tiered WWE Network

Bayley Considers Herself A Role Model

In a post-match interview after this Tuesday’s SmackDown, Bayley reiterates that she still considers herself a role model. Charlotte “got a live, in-person view of what I’m trying to do. I’m showing the whole world that I’m elevating the division.”

After defeating Ember Moon, Bayley remains confident that she’ll be able to prevent Charlotte Flair from becoming a 10-time Women’s Champion at Clash of Champions. “I’m being a role model. I’m being an inspiring champion that wants to build the division.”

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Reported Launch Date For Tiered WWE Network

As reported by PWInsider, there is talk around the industry that WWE will launch a new tiered version of the WWE Network in January of 2020. This will supposedly include a base package that remains similar to today’s offering and a more expensive option that features content from other promotions.

Names such as Evolve, ICW, Progress, and Chikara are thrown around as possible inclusions in the report, and there are rumors that WWE is also reaching out to lucha brands in Mexico.