Luchasaurus On Wrestlers Having Better Options Today, Potential For Jurassic Express In AEW

Luchasaurus says things have changed a lot since he broke into wrestling, and wrestlers having options is a good thing that will lead to creative opportunities that weren’t there a few years ago.

Luchasaurus took part in a media scrum and talked about the change he’s seen since he worked in NXT, and later in Lucha Underground before signing with AEW. He says it’s important to be part of the change and show people that believing in yourself and exploring creative opportunities you want is something viable.

“I think that’s exactly what it is. For me, this is a historic opportunity to make change and allow wrestler sin the future to feel like they have a place to go. When I left NXT, I was injured, I went back to Los Angles to rehab, I knew I wasn’t going to go back. I knew that as soon as my injuries were recovered they were going to let me go. That’s just how it went. It really felt like there was nowhere to go. And I remember talking to some people in the indies and they said, ‘You can try and do the indies but there’s really not much money out there, there’s not a lot of career opportunities,’ and it just seemed like, if you’re not in WWE – this was 2012, if you’re not in WWE, you there’s nowhere to go.

Your career is over you might as well start thinking about something else in life. That’s where I was. And then Lucha Underground came around and gave me a second opportunity, then all of a sudden the indies exploded, and now we have AEW. So things changed really quickly. But it’s important to me to be a part of this change so people don’t have to feel like that. There was a lot of people staying in the situation where maybe they weren’t doing the character they wanted to do or projecting the person they wanted to be out to the audience but they felt like they had to stay there. There were no other opportunities, there was nothing else out there for them. So at least now with AEW, my goal is to show people that you really can be what you want to be. And if you believe in something, someone out there will believe in you if what you’re doing is actually good.”

Luchasaurus was asked about his main goal for when AEW heads to TNT, and he said there’s a lot of potential in the different pairings with Jurassic Express (himself, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt). He noted that the trio has had an organic build so far, and is excited to see where things end up.

“They’ve talked about us being trios, me and Jungle Boy doing a tag, Marko and Jungle Boy doing tag. Us all doing singles. The sky is the limit and the opportunities are going to be there. We’re going to see what happens. What’s so great about working for them is they’re really keen on listening to audience response, where things are going organically, and just going with it. That’s why they kind of let me and Jungle Boy get together in the first place. We did a couple of spots at Double or Nothing and did a couple of promos, and people loved it so much it was like, ‘We’re just going to run with this. Because it’s organic.’ It just felt right. So now we’re going to add Marko to the mix, which we’re really excited about because we have a lot of ideas to make him kind of the missing ingredient to some of the things we’re going to do out there for matches. So I think for now the focus is on me and Jungle Boy with our buddy Marko and to see what happens as TV unfolds.”

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