Rob Van Dam On ‘Headstrong’, Keeping The Conversation About Concussions Going

Rob Van Dam is happy with the response to his documentary Headstrong, but realizes the importance of keeping the conversations about concussions going.

RVD spoke with Wrestlezone’s Dominic DeAngelo ahead of IMPACT Wrestling‘s recent TV tapings in Las Vegas, and said he’s proud of the film, but there’s still work to be done when it comes to assessing injuries and talking about CTE.

“I’m proud of it, it turned out great. You’ll get to know me like you never knew me before, but also more recently a new concern after a few of my friends have decided to end their lives and over the years. It’s happened so much I’m really, really concerned now that we need to talk more about concussions, which I talk about a lot in Headstrong because I experienced concussion symptoms and have to get them checked out while I’m filming,” RVD stated, “I bring you with me for the ride and start wondering like, ‘Hey, let’s see if I got this CTE and if so what am I gonna do?’ So it’s very real and personal, but outside of the movie, it’s something that I want to see us move past.”

“Quite a few of my friends have gone out that way and we’ve already had like 25 wrestlers that I know of this year that have died and several of them are from that, so that’s a concern of mine. It’s like hey, they talk about things, they talk about stem cells helping, they talk about oxygen therapy, they talk about CBDs helping,” RVD said, “but let’s keep the conversation going and let’s figure out what to do so we can stop that from happening.”

To find out where to watch Headstrong you can follow the link right here; check out our full interview with RVD below:

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