Major Layoffs At AXS TV After Anthem Sports Acquires Company

Earlier this week, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the parent company of IMPACT Wrestling, acquired a majority interest in AXS TV and HDNet Movies, which Mark Cuban previously owned. He will still stay on as a minority investor. 

Following the news that AXS TV’s Dallas office was shut down on Tuesday, several departures have taken place including Cindy Ronzoni, who handled publicity for AXS TV, and Adam Swift, who was the VP of Business & Legal Affairs at AXS. 

The Wrap reports that at least 40 people have been let go from AXS TV. It was noted that these layoffs include contractors, consultants, and freelancers. The report states there wasn’t even an opportunity for the consultants to try to negotiate a new deal.

Another person stated of the layoffs as “deep cuts” that disproportionately impacted the fight and concert teams. Almost the entire staff of that division in Dallas were let go. There are some people in Los Angeles sitting around waiting for marching orders.

“Bob Gold from Bob Gold & Associates, a spokesman for new owner Anthem, told TheWrap that AXS had slightly more than 100 employees before the cuts. Anthem is a similarly sized company.”

There are approximately 20 AXS employees left but Gold thinks there are more.  Staff in Denver and LA expect an internal conference call on Wednesday to give information and share direction with the remaining employees.