Charlotte Rates Bayley’s Performance, Bayley Is Glad Flair Was There To Watch Her

Charlotte Flair Rates Bayley’s Performance

Following Bayley’s victory over Ember Moon on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live, Charlotte Flair – who was watching the match from the commentary area – made her way backstage. Once there, she gave a brief opinion of the match, saying that it didn’t give Bayley an edge and instead said that the champion needed to win in order to feel confident. Flair closed things out by saying that she hopes to bring relevance back to the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

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Bayley Is Glad Charlotte Flair Was There To Watch Her

On the flip side of things, Bayley was extremely confident after her victory over Ember Moon, saying that she was actually glad Flair was there to watch her win. According to Bayley, Flair being there was good, as it showed just how inspiring of a champion Bayley is becoming.