Shane McMahon Fires Kevin Owens, Chad Gable Advances To King Of The Ring Finals

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon once again got into it on SmackDown Live, this time surrounding McMahon’s surprising defeat to Chad Gable in the King of the Rings semi-finals. After McMahon inserted himself into the match following an injury to Elias, he made Owens a special referee, with the thought that it would secure him a spot in the Finals of the tournament. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, as Gable quickly rolled McMahon up for an easy victory at the start of the match.

However, McMahon would not accept the loss so easily, and quickly called for the contest to be named a two out of three falls match. From there, Owens played the part of a corrupt referee, taking his time with pinfall counts and trying his best to help McMahon win. Unfortunately for McMahon, things went haywire as Gable wrapped him up and locked in an ankle lock, forcing Shane to tap out and leaving Owens no choice but to call the match.

With the match over and McMahon eliminated from the tournament, he abruptly attacked Owens, and fired him on the spot to end the show. Only time will tell what Owens does with the sudden change, but he’s likely not happy about it.

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