Erick Rowan Attacks A ‘Fan,’ Clash Of Champions Match Against Roman Reigns Gets A Stipulation

UPDATE: WWE has announced that their Clash of Champions bout will be a No DQ match.

Erick Rowan and Roman Reigns got into it once again during Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live, as Rowan made his way out to address the crowd before Reigns quickly came out to interrupt the superstar. Rowan seemed prepared for the interruption, however, and quickly got into it with Reigns, delivering a vicious assault to his Clash of Champions opponent.

Rowan quickly tossed Reigns out of the ring and began assaulting him with a variety of items, even with WWE security trying to break them up. Rowan went absolutely berserk during the attack, dragging Reigns around the outside of the ring and even tossing a “fan” from the stands into a group of WWE security.

Things ended with Rowan forcing Reigns up the ramp and then slamming a piece of a camera into Reigns. Needless to say, their match at Clash of Champions is going to be an absolute bowl, no matter who wins.