Ric Flair Names His Top 3 Performers To Ever Appear In The WWE

Rip Flair recently joined SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio to discuss the most recent episode of Monday Night RAW, which saw Steve Austin make an appearance at Madison Square Garden. During the discussion, Flair also gave a brief rundown of some of his favorite superstars to ever make it into the ring, and unsurprisingly, a few legendary people were on it.

“[He] will always, in my estimation, be the biggest star in the history of the business,” Flair said. “The three biggest being…in my estimation are Hulk, Steve, and Taker. They’re just three names that are gonna be synonymous, they’ve drawn huge amounts of money. But when you bring Steve out there, just like they did at the RAW reunion, it’s just…what are you going to do” Flair said with a laugh, alluding to the fact that Austin still knows how to draw a huge crowd and get them into a frenzy.

Flair went on to touch on how Austin’s career was unfortunately cut short, and how he thinks that he’d likely still be working if he hadn’t got injured throughout his career. Needless to say, Austin will always be a legend for the WWE, and will be one of the most loved superstars to ever make it into a ring.