WWE SmackDown Live Results (9/10/19)

Backstage, Shane tells Gable that his opponet tonight will be the BEST IN THE WOOOORLD Shane McMahon.

Mandy Rose w/Sonya Deville vs. Nikki Cross w/Alexa Bliss

Before the match, Rose calls Cross ugly. Cross runs down to the ring and attacks Rose. Rose eventually hits a fallaway slam to quell Cross’ fury. Rosee puts Cross in a straight jacket hold. Cross fights out of the hold and lands a bulldog. Cross goes up top. Deville gets on the apron. Bliss pulls Deville off the apron. Cross misses a crossbody off the top. Rose misses a running knee strike. Cross schoolboys Rose for the win!

Winner- Nikki Cross

Backstage, Ember Moon confronts Bayley about what Bayley did to Becky Lynch. Bayley says she did what she did for the Women’s Division. Moon says this is about Bayley feeling inadequate because Sasha Banks is back. Bayley tells Moon to save all of that for the ring.

Heavy Machinery vs. Alex Keaton and Johnny Silver

Otis and Tucker get the quick win after the Compactor.

Winners- Heavy Machinery

Backstage, Shane tells Owens he will lift Owens’ 100K fine if Owens referees Shane’s King of the Ring match tonight.

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