Killer Kross On IMPACT Taking Him Off AAA NYC Show, Blading Concerns, Scarlett Bordeaux Getting Released

Sporting News put out a great interview with Killer Kross, who has been persona non grata with IMPACT Wrestling. He’s been open about his issues, ranging from low pay to a lack of safety concerns when blading. He covered all this and more in the piece.

While he isn’t currently being used by the company, Kross is also off of the upcoming AAA show in New York City since IMPACT began co-promoting it. AAA booked him to be on it, but then Ed Nordholm told him he was off the card. This issue aside, he’s happy to continue working with AAA. “They’re looking to continue a healthy working relationship together, which I really respect. They were my first true introduction to Lucha libre and I’ve been working with them for over three years now and the experiences they’ve provided me have been absolutely priceless.”

One issue that surprised fans was that Kross’ girlfriend, Scarlett Bordeaux, was let go when she requested her release but he wasn’t Kross said he wasn’t surprised by the situation, but said that it’s not his “story to tell.” He did mention he was surprised that IMPACT didn’t make more of an effort to keep her, as she’s such a great asset to the company.

Kross also brought up his issue of blading against Eddie Edwards in his last IMPACT match. He said it was due to a recent spread of Hepatitis C on the indie scene. “Some people knew about it, some people didn’t,” explained Kross. “I was really blown away that they were so interested in going in that direction. Why did we have to do it like that? I just did not understand at all. I actually spoke with Tommy Dreamer and I told him I was absolutely not doing that. It’s just infuriating.”

Kross also revealed that it wasn’t something he brought up at the last second, as they had discussed it for “a couple of weeks.” He also said that it’s time for the industry to grow up. “It’s not about who’s tough and who’s willing to do this or do that. You’re losing blood from an area in your head near your brain. This is no f— joke … I’m all about putting on the best show possible. I really am. But the best show possible doesn’t have to entail, I don’t know, possibly getting disfigured or contracting a disease. I don’t think that needs to be part of the story.”

Check out the full piece for much more from Kross.

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