WWE RAW Viewership Down Almost 400,000 Viewers As NFL Season Starts

As reported by ShowBuzzDaily, the official viewership average for Monday Night RAW is in. Last night’s show had “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and was the go home show for Clash of Champions. Baron Corbin also advanced to the finals of King of the Ring.

In terms of the viewership figure, the average came out to 2.13 million viewers which is quite a bit down from 2.50 million viewers. Of course, the NFL season started and RAW had to deal with competition there. The last hour went under two million.

  • 8pm – 2.362 million
  • 9pm – 2.183 million
  • 10pm – 1.845 million

3.093 million – July 22 – 2019 High

2.125 million – June 10 – 2019 Low

2.527 million – August 12 – This Week

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