Mojo Rawley Says Not All NXT Stars Want To Go To WWE Main Roster, Brand Changes

Mojo Rawley spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News to talk about a wide range of topics that relate to WWE NXT.

Big changes are coming to the brand with its move to air on Wednesday nights on the USA Network from 8-1oPM starting on Oct. 2. The two-hour format technically starts on Sept.18 with the times being split between the USA and WWE Network.

In this interview, Rawley made it known that not every NXT star wants to go to the main roster.

“They are as unique as it comes and that’s why they’ve been upgraded to this platform,” said Rawley. “Then, NXT was essentially a stepping stone, an opportunity to showcase what you’ve got with the only goal to get to the main roster. Now, there’s guys on NXT that have no desire to move to ‘RAW’ or ‘SmackDown’ because a lot of people don’t consider moving to ‘RAW’ or ‘SmackDown’ a vertical move anymore. A lot of people now consider it a horizontal move.”