Triple H Discusses WWE NXT Opening The Door For Alternative Programming

Triple H took part in an interview with Yahoo Sports where he talked about the evolution of the WWE NXT brand ahead of its premiere on network television.

While NXT did have a one-off special on the USA Network, it will start airing on the network next week with the first hour being shown on USA while the second hour will move to the WWE Network.

Two weeks later on October 2nd, NXT will air permanently on the USA Network to counter-program AEW on TNT.

In this interview, he talked about while people think that AEW is offering an alternative to WWE, NXT has been doing just that for the last five years.

“If you talk about the upstart, what they’re going out and saying is that they’re an alternative,” HHH said. “We were that alternative five years ago. We opened the door for being an alternative, we opened the door to show people that it can be done on a bigger level and on a different basis. As far as being the alternative, great, go put on the best show you can put out and we’ll put out the best one we can put out.”